Friday, June 20, 2014

2014 Global Peace Index Results

The Global Peace Index uses 22 indicators which gauge the absence of, or fear or, violence.  It looks at the level of safety and security in society, the extent of domestic or international conflict and the degree of militarization.

Some of the items which go in to the formula include:

  • Perceived criminality in society
  • Violent crime, number of homicides,  access to weapons and the number of people in jail
  • Political instability, relations with neighboring countries, civil liberties, freedom of press, gender inequality, adult literacy, education spending, enrollment in primary/secondary/higher education
This year's results have Iceland ranked #1 out of 162 countries.  Czech Republic just missed making the top ten.  It tied for 11th place with Sweden.  The USA didn't fare so well as it ended up #101.

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  1. Hello, 101. place for USA isnt fair, i believe. While numbers of americans in jail are shocking compare to Europe, we shouldnt celebrate Europe for our low cost army (=low level of militarization). We dont have do it, because USA do. Czech rep promised we will spend 2% of our GDP for army when we joined NATO and we have never done it. Whole Europe have never done it, with exceptions UK and France! Why we should? USA will protect us anyway, so...