Sunday, June 29, 2014

Battle on the Dam

Today I went with Claudia and Tünde out to the dam.  The original plan was to walk around the lake and to take a boat ride out to Veveří Castle.

While waiting for tickets we found out that there was a special "Battle on the Dam" boat trip on offer just for today.  The two-hour ride was 200 Kč ($10) to cruise on the lake while remote control planes and boats reenacted the Battle of Midway.

The Battle of Midway, in the Pacific, was one of the most important naval battles of WWII. 

The show included commentary, in Czech of course, from the ship's captain.  Throughout the trip, there were random history questions and history DVDs were given out to the kids with the right answers. 

There were plenty of explosions to keep everyone's attention.

While it was a 'world war', I find it interesting that the reenactment was of a Pacific battle and not a European battle. 

The most important thing was that Tünde enjoyed all of the noise.

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