Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tripadvisor Thread

Like a lot of people I find a lot of valuable information on tripadvisor.  And since my family is coming in a few short months on their first trip to Europe I'm starting to plan things for us to do.  Well the other day I was checking things out in the Prague Forum and found an old top thread from 2012 about my blog.

On the right side of my blog I've got a list of a few items that are not available over here in Czechland.  Not that this make it a horrible place to live in or anything.  It's just a few of the little things that I miss from the USA.  Heck, when the day comes for me to leave here I know that I'll miss kofola.

Well, the thread started out fine saying that "it is a fun list of items."  Of course, the person obviously didn't focus too much on the details because the thread is called Not available in Prague - Really?.  I don't live in Prague.  Of course it's easier to find things in Prague.  That's where the vast majority of American expats live.  I'm in Brno where, until recently, it has been much harder to get certain items.

A few comments suggested that "when in Rome, do as the Romans".  Duh!  A few agreed with a few items, especially the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  I've never met an expat that didn't miss something from home. 

My list has changed over the past five years.  Black beans are no longer on the list as I've been able to find canned black beans here.  Not everywhere, but I can find them.

I've managed to find "soft" sandwich bread.  It's not exactly like back home but it is close enough.

I've managed to find some something close to angel hair pasta.  The noodles are only an inch or two long but the texture is the same.

A few stores now carry Dr. Pepper; just not my local Albert.

And thanks to The Candy Store I no longer have to import jelly beans.

A few more things I've found in other countries.  I can get Caesar salad dressing in Germany and Natalie keeps me stocked with Bisquick from the UK.  Plus, when I get desperate I can always count on care packages from my best friends in AtlantaI guess I need to start making a list of supplies for my family to bring with them.

Update 2020:  The list has been updated in 2020.

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