Saturday, May 24, 2014

Lemonade Joe

Lemonádový Joe aneb Koňská opera (Lemonade Joe, or the Horse Opera) is a cult classic movie here in Czechland.

The film was released in 1964.  It's a musical parody of early Westerns and was based on a novel and stage play by Jiří Brdečka.  The film was directed by Oldřich Lipský.

The film takes place in Stetson City, Arizona where our hero, Lemonade Joe, who only drinks Kola Loka (crazy cola), takes on the bad guys and convinces the town to abstain from alcohol.

One of the film's characters notes that "What's good for Kola Loka is good for the law."  By the end of the film, Lemonade Joe has cleaned up the town and has eliminated whiskey as a competitor of his favorite beverage.

Did Joe clean up the town because it was the right thing to do?  Or did he only do it because he wanted to eliminate the competition?  I guess in 1960s Czechoslovakia, Kola Loka was code for Coca-Cola and how corporations seek to take over the world.

Here's a clip I found out on YouTube of Lemonade Joe singing Můj bóže, můj bóže (My God, my God).

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  1. Not exactly.
    Your "end" is in the half of the film.