Monday, March 25, 2013

Visa Time...Again

It's time for another visa extension.  Well actually, it was a couple of weeks ago.  First, I had to get all of my paperwork in order and then I submitted it a few weeks back.  Here's what's required for a non-EU citizen like me:
  1. A notarized copy of my original lease.
  2. A notarized amendment to my lease extending the contract until 2015.
  3. A notarized document from the co-op that authorizes my landlord to rent the flat to me.
  4. A copy of the business registry for the co-op board.
  5. A land registry statement
  6. Since my new work permit is still processing, I had to give proof that it has been applied for.
  7. A copy of my passport.
  8. A copy of my biometric ID card (which the Foreign Ministry issued me).
  9. A copy of my health insurance card.
  10. A new passport photo.
  11. A four-page application.
I've done this a few times now so I'm kind of used to it.  But somethings I just don't understand.  Why on earth do I need to provide the Foreign Ministry with a photocopy of the ID card which they issued to me?  Shouldn't they be able to look up on the computer that they are the ones that issued it to me and that it is valid?

I've been in the same flat since I moved here.  This is the third time now that I've requested an extension.  The apartment building hasn't moved in all of this time.  So why in the hell do I need to provide a copy of the land register statement again?  Bureaucracy!!!

This year I've gotten smarter about it.  A friend helped me out with getting all of the documents notarized.  And I was told that I can just mail in all of my paperwork directly to the ministry.  Once my work permit is finally approved then I will have to go down to the ministry and submit it.  Then another visit to provide new biometric data for my new visa.  Followed by a third visit to actually pick up my new card.  Ugh!!

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