Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Two Deaths

On Saturday, I was headed out, to do some grocery shopping for the baby shower, and saw some police officers in the foyer of my apartment building.  They then went outside with some people.  I assumed that maybe someone's car was hit or something.

A couple of days later I found out what had actually happened.  On the 9th, a woman in our building died at home.  Then on the 10th, someone else in our building died.  Both were older and died of natural causes.  The odd thing was that their flats were each sealed with police tape for a few days.
I didn't know either person who passed away.  I remember meeting the woman though back in 2009 on the day I moved in to my flat.  I was coming in the front door of the building, behind her, and she asked me who I was there to see.  She didn't speak English but she spoke basic German.  I explained to her that I now lived here which caught her obviously by surprise.  She wasn't able to quite figure out why an American was living in ČR or how could an American speak German.  She was nice, and would always says hello when we ran in to each other, but we probably only saw each other a half-dozen times in almost four years.

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