Saturday, March 23, 2013

Brno Waste Collection Fee

Effective January 1, 2013, there is a new fee in place for foreigners living in Brno.  All Czechs in Brno pay a yearly fee for waste collection.  For some reason, I don't know why not, the only foreigners required to pay it before were those with permanent residency.  I think that most people assumed that it was a part of the monthly utilities paid to the landlord.  With so many expats living in Brno, I suppose the city realized that they were losing lots of money by not having us foreigners pay our fair share.

The new rule says that everyone in Brno, including foreigners (both EU and non-EU citizens), staying over three months must pay the garbage collection fee.  The responsibility to pay is on the individual residents, not the landlord or property owner.  The fee must be paid before May 31st or within 15 days of moving in to a new place.  The fine for not paying is three times the yearly amount and can be enforced by seizure of one's property.

The fee is only 675 Kč (~$34) per year.  Back in Atlanta, I used to pay over four times that amount.  Besides, it looks like I've received free sanitation services for almost four years so 675 Kč seems like a bargain to me.  The fee has to be paid by everyone living in a house or flat.  However, a family does not have to pay for a third or subsequent child under the age of 15, (or under 26 for students living at home). 

For people moving to Brno after May, then a pro-rated amount must be paid.  If you move flats, then you have to apply to the city for a refund for your current place, and pay the appropriate amount for the new place.

I went online and arranged a bank transfer for the fee.  It was very easy.  I've been registered with the foreign police since I moved here, so I only had to provide my birth number as my identification. 

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