Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tim Tams

Natalie invited several of us over to her flat today for brunch.  This Kiwi sure can cook and she outdid herself with all of the food.  I really do need to get a couple of her recipes.

It was a really nice time just hanging out with everyone.  We definitely all finished fat and happy.

Nat even had Tim Tams for dessert.  Yum!!  Tim Tams are a chocolate cookie (what British English speakers call a biscuit).  Basically it is two layers of chocolate malt cookies with a light chocolate cream filling in between and then covered in chocolate.  They come in several different flavors.  They are made by Arnott's in Australia.  You can't get them here in Brno.  She brought these back from her last trip to the UK.   

Nat telling others how to Tim Tam Slam
The fun way to eat them is do to the Tim Tam Slam.  You nibble the corner off of one side and then the opposite diagonal corner.  You then dip the cookie in to a hot beverage, coffee or tea, and use the cookie as a straw.  It's a one-time thing because the cookie gets so soft but it is quite a tasty treat.

Showing the Tim Tam Slam
Apparently, in 2008, Pepperidge Farm introduced Tim Tams to the USA.  They were only sold in Target stores and only in a couple of flavors.  Now they are available at select stores in the USA, but only from October to March. 

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