Saturday, July 14, 2012

Eiko's Going Away Party

Last night was another going away party.  I'm really getting over these things.  Eiko has decided to take on another master's degree so she is off to StockholmWell, at least she's not going all the way back to Japan.  

Eiko is the last of my Bratsville crew.  And the end of what I've called the "Real World Bratislava" flat.  Eiko rented the large, 5 room apartment when she first moved to Slovakia over 3.5 years ago.

During this time she has had 14 room mates.  Marcus lived here before he went back to Atlanta in 2010 and Liz took over his old room until she moved back to England in 2012.  I guess that's about right for an expat apartment with people eventually always going back to their home countries. 
Eiko put on a good little mixer in old town.  And while I'm not thrilled with someone else moving away at least I've got a place to stay the next time I'm back in Sweden.

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