Sunday, July 22, 2012

Back in Bucharest

With the way the flights worked out we had most of the day on Thursday to explore Bucharest.  I did a pretty good job of seeing everything when I was there in 2010.  But going out to explore is way better than sitting in an airport for almost 11 hours waiting on a connecting flight.

Construction of the Russian Orthodox church was completed in 1909.  Located in central Bucharest, Emperor Nicholas II provided 600,000 gold rubles so that a church was available for Russians living in the Kingdom of RomaniaThe church was closed during WWI, right before the Central Powers occupied the city, and valuables were sent to St. Petersburg where they disappeared during the 1917 Russian Revolution.  The church reopened in 1921.  In 1957, it was passed to the Romanian Orthodox Church and in 1992 it became used by students and professors at the University of Bucharest.  Today it is called the St. Nicholas Students' Church.

The Antim Monastery was built from 1708 to 1715.  It was originally intended to be a haven for refugees and fallen women.  It is located in the quarter that was razed by Ceauşescu's bulldozers in 1985-1986 in order to make room for the grand avenue leading to the Palace of the People.  It was saved by 23 meters (~75.5 feet).

Miran hadn't been to the Palace before and wanted to take the tour.  This thing is still massive.  This tour included a visit to the terrace which provided some great views of the entire city.

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