Saturday, June 30, 2012

Meet the New Spouse Party

This must be wedding season.  On my largest team alone, I have three different people all getting married.  Not to each other but to other people.  So last night we had a little get together at a local pizza place for everyone on the team to meet the new new & future spouses.

David has grown since we "wet his head"
It was a lot of fun.  I think that everyone enjoyed being able to just relax after a long week.  And it is always nice to get to know people outside of the office.  Some people even brought wives or boyfriends and we had a couple of kids.

Alexandra and Ondřej just recently got married.  This was my first Euroland wedding

Kasia and Radek are both Polish and have already had their civil ceremony.  Now they will go back to Poland for the big village wedding.

Tomáš and Annie have their wedding in in about a month.  I'm sure that it will be one big party.

After a while, we pulled all three couples outside and congratulated everyone.  There were the traditional flowers, handshakes and the European double kisses.

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