Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cannes, France

Cannes is only a 20-minute train ride from Nice.  Located on the French Riviera, it's another major tourist destination even though there isn't exactly a lot to see there.  Cannes is where many of the super rich and their luxury yachts come to relax.  Go figure when its sister city is Beverly Hills.  I managed to visit for a couple of hours before I had to catch my flight back to Vienna.

Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, the winters are mild and the summers are warm with ocean breezes to keep everyone cool.

Suquet Hill, in the old town, overlooks the port and offers a great view of the city.

At the top is the 12th century fortified Mt Chevalier tower. 

There is also the church of Notre Dame de l'Espérence which was completed in 1648.

The Palais des Festivals et des Congrès is home to the annual Cannes Film Festival.  Founded in 1946, it is the world's most prestigious film festival.  It is by invitation only and previews new films and documentaries from all over the world. 

Since 1955, the Palme d'Or (Golden Palm) has been the highest prize awarded.  It goes to the director of the best feature film.

Around the main entrance are hundreds of hand prints and signatures of famous stars.

The beaches here seem to be better than in Nice or Monte Carlo.  There are 7.5 kilometers (4.6 miles) of actually sandy beaches.  Of course most of there are private beaches so you have to pay in order to lay out in the sun.  Each year, the city spends €650,000 (~$815,000) to re-sand the beaches.

WWI Memorial
If I had had more time then I for sure would have taken a boat ride out to Île Sainte-Marguerite.  It is about half of a mile off shore.  In the 17th century, the fortress was home to the Man in the Iron Mask.  His identity was never proven but some believe that he was a French noble.  I guess I'll just have to visit his cell the next time I'm back at the French Riviera.

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