Sunday, June 3, 2012

John & Katie's Going Away

All of these going away functions are starting to depress the heck out of me.  Today, we said good bye to John & Katie - my Americans!!  He's from New York and she's a Texas girl.

Me, Nat, Katie and John in Český Krumlov
John & Katie were here in Brno a couple of years before any of us met them.  Sabine actually met them on the Brno Expat tram ride last year and eventually we all got to know them.  But now it sucks that they are leaving.  I always enjoy talking to them because I can speak English at my normal speed, I don't have to use British English.  Heck, we even used slang.  I'm going to miss them.

Plus, thanks to them I finally saw The Sound of Music.

But we all wish them well as they prepare for their next adventure in Hoboken, New Jersey.  They invited several of us over this morning for brunch.  I will also miss John's French toast made with real American maple syrup.  Yum!  Afterwards we headed over to Villa Tugenhadt for the first time since it reopened.

John & Katie don't leave for a few more days but they will be busy packing everything up.  In order to "help" them out they donated a huge chuck of their pantry to me (including the remaining maple syrup).  The kicker was that the only way for me to get it home was with an IKEA trolly and bag.  So not quite a "granny cart" but pretty dang close.

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