Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Brno Zoo

This past Sunday, Rob & I decided to go to the Brno Zoo.  The zoo opened in 1953 and sits on 65 hectares (~161 acres).

In 2008, the zoo became famous for breeding two young polar bears.

The zoo is set up kind of odd. Instead of having one walking path, there are three routes you can take.  But you have to double back several times in order to not miss anything on one of the other routes.

There are 785 animals, from 210 species of amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals at the zoo.  

But to me, it's not a zoo if there's no lion, gorilla or rhino.

The best part was watching one of the polar bears amuse itself by continuously doing back dives in to the water.

Even though the zoo is small it does make for a good something to do. 

Although everything is in Czech, one nice thing is that the name of the of the every animal is posted in English and German. So you at least know what it is you're looking at. 
Admission is only 100 Kč (~$5) and it's a nice way to spend the day outside.

Update 2023:  The Brno Zoo turns 70.

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  1. The Prague Zoo is supposed to be very impressive too. I haven't been there yet.