Friday, August 20, 2010


Zmrzlina looks like a tongue twister but kids learn it quickly here because it means ice cream. You can always find ice cream, especially on hot summer days.

Czech ice cream is really good. To me it tastes creamier than back in the U.S. It's probably made with 90% milk fat or something which may be why the normal scoop is smaller than back home. A single scoop normally costs around 12 Kč (~60¢).

Ice cream here always looks so pretty in the case. Of course there are the normal vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavors you would expect to find. But there is also pistachio, green apple, caramel, black currant, lemon, mango, raspberry, mint, peach, tiramisu, cookie, and on and on. The list seems endless. There's even a Smurf ice cream that's blue. But I just don't see myself trying that one.

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