Monday, August 30, 2010


Slivovice is a very potent clear spirit, similar to a plum brandy, which is popular here. You drink it as a shot. You can buy it in stores but the best is homemade. Many Moravians (and Slovaks too) distill their own moonshine. I get the impression that although everyone knows someone who makes their own liquor, it’s kind of frowned upon by the authorities. But the homemade version is always better than the store bought version.

It is distilled twice to keep you from going blind and is normally around 51% proof. It can pack a heck of a wallup!! It will for sure keep you warm during the winter.

Almost as popular is hruškovice which is the pear brandy version. I prefer this over slivovice. You can also find meruňkovice (apricot brandy) in the stores. I’ve yet to meet anyone who makes meruňkovice. Probably because there are more plum and pear trees here than apricot trees.

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