Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pizza Hut

We have McDonald's and KFC here in Brno and so far I have yet to go to either one. I'm saving them for when I absolutely need an American "fix." However, Marcus found a Pizza Hut in Bratislava so we went last weekend. Who knew I would get so excited about a Pizza Hut?!?

The pizza over here is not that great. The crust tends to be very thin and there's hardly any sauce on it. It tastes kind of like cardboard. People here normally squirt sweet ketchup or tartar sauce on it. And I have yet to see parmesan cheese or crushed red pepper on pizza here either.

Last Saturday was going to be a day of sightseeing in Bratislava but we eneded up looking for a flat for Marcus. We decided that while sightseeing could wait until next time, we still had to cross the bridge to Petržalka and visit the Pizza Hut located in a Tesco.

We started off with a caesar salad that looked really good. Until we took a bite and discovered that they didn't use caesar was sour cream. Not the best thing I've had here in Eastern Europe. However, the pizza was awesome!!! It's probably a good thing we don't have one of these in Brno because I would be there at least once a week. But what I would not give for a Papa John's Pizza over here...

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  1. I too saved my McDonald's trip for when I needed an American fast food fix. But Mickey D's is customized for the Czech Republic. An egg mcmuffin isn't the same. Waaaaaah! I so needed it to be exactly the same as USA the day I went.