Saturday, October 31, 2009

Brněnská přehrada

The other day I met another American over here. Phillip is from Virginia and teaches English at Mendal University of Agriculture and Forestry. On the 28th, I went with him and his friend Lukáš to Brněnská přehrada (Brno reservoir).

Lake Brno is a 10 km long water reserve and you can take the tram to get there.

The lake is currently drained in order to clean it up.

However, in the summer there are lots of places for swimming and sunbathing. Plus there are cycling and walking trails around it. It was a nice day to just go walk around. Especially since we all had the day off.

The guys even had me try langoše. It's a Hungarian treat. Basically it is fried dough that is brushed with garlic butter, cheese and sweet ketchup. It doesn't sound like a good combination but it was really good.

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