Saturday, November 7, 2009

Japanese Food in Bratislava

Two weeks ago, Marcus moved out of his old flat in Račianske Mýto. He was living in a panelák, a pre-fab concrete building that was popular with the communists, but more on paneláky in another post.

His new place is right in the center of Old Town. MTV could be here filming The Real World Bratislava or something because his place has one big, diverse mix of people. Marcus is from Atlanta, Eiko is Japanese and also works at IBM, Alessio is an Italian student, MJ is Korean and and is interning with the United Nations, and Dan is a Danish airline pilot.

Eiko has met some other people from Japan in Bratislava and had an Asian dinner party the night before Halloween. So Janelle and I had to make sure we scored invites. The food was awesome!!!! A few more pictures are out on Flickr.

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