Saturday, October 24, 2009

First Care Package

Yeah!!! Yesterday I received my first care package from the U.S. Steven & Michael mailed me a box of goodies last Saturday and I received it on Friday morning. I'm surprised it got here so fast.

I swear that yesterday felt like Christmas because my boys hooked me up...yams, vanilla extract, grits, jello, Sriracha hot sauce, dried cilantro, Luzianne iced tea bags, Jamaican chicken soup mix, Hidden Valley ranch packets, Italian dressing, French onion soup mix, Knorr spinach dip mix, chili seasoning, sloppy joe seasoning, taco seasoning, bouillon cubes, packets for fajita marinade, gravy mixes, hollandaise sauce...

They also sent me Mach 3 razor blades and Degree. The razor blades I can get here but they are tragically expensive compared to the U.S. And to be honest I have not yet tried Czech deodorant. I've been told that it isn't that great. A stick of deodorant runs around $5 but I haven't seen any deodorant/anti-persperant together in one stick. Here I think you buy either deodorant or anti-persperant.

It's a good thing that Mom is also sending some yams because I am going to have a full flat for Thanksgiving. Steven & Michael are coming from Atlanta, plus the Bratislava crew and a couple of folks from IBM here. And since I remember what it was like being in the military overseas during the holidays, I also invited some of the Marine guards from the embassy in Bratislava. So far the mix is going to be American, German, Slovak, French, Spanish and Serbian. I can't believe that it's only about five weeks away.


  1. That is so cool that you are inviting the Marines. Semper fi!

  2. Wow, you got the cock flavoured soup mix there! :) It was discussed by Gordon Ramsay and Ricky Gervais in this video (the whole clip is quite worth watching, but it starts to be cock-flavour-relevant around 1 min 50 sec ;-)