Monday, October 26, 2009

Day of Establishment of the Independent Czechoslovak Republic

October 28th is the Day of Establishment of the Independent Czechoslovak Republic. This is not to be confused with Czech Statehood Day.

In 1918, after WWI and the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire...Bohemia, Moravia, part of Silesia and Slovakia, formed Czechoslovakia

In 1939, a major portion of the country was annexed by Nazi Germany. Czechoslovakia became an independent country again, after the end of WWII, and stayed that way until the end of 1992. Then the Velvet Divorce occurred and on 1 January 1993, the nation split in to the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.

So today celebrates the founding of Czechoslovakia, even though that country no longer exists. What's interesting to me is that it isn't a holiday over in Slovakia, so Janelle and Marcus had to work today.

Update 2022: Social media post from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


  1. The interesting thing about the birth of the Czechoslovakia is that it was in fact a gift for czechoslovak legions figting against Germany and Austria and then against revolution in Russia.
    The czech soldiers were last to return from WW1. For 60000 of them the war lasted till 1921. There was a czechoslovak legion fighting in Russia and they were caught in the revolution. They took armored trains and for 3 years waged war against the Red army. Some believe the Czar family was shot because the legion was advancing to the Yekaterinburg where the family was held. And they are believed to steal Czars 8 wagons of gold...:)

    If you are history fan:)...