Saturday, August 15, 2009

Historic Tram

Brno has a historic tram that runs only on the weekends. It's funny to me that for a city with so much history, the "historic" tram is only over 60 years old. Around here, 60 years is nothing!!

The historic tram runs on the #10 line from May to October. It connects Hlavní Nádraží (the main station) with Nové Sady and Stránská Skála. This tram just supplements the normal schedule because it only runs once an hour. There is no special ticket required. Just use a normal ticket or your tram pass.

I only rode the tram one stop down to Nové Sady so that I could experience it. Only four other people got on at the same time I did. As soon as the tram left the station, a conductor came by to check our tickets/passes. In six weeks that's only the second time I've see the tram police. Perhaps it's common to catch tourists trying to ride the old car for free?


  1. Did you meet ,normal, tram police or someone dressed in 1940' fashion?.) As far as I know there is the driver and one tram police in the historic tram for authenticity. They used to be in the trams instead of ticket stamping machines:)


  2. That makes sense. This one was dressed in 1940's fashion but the tram also had the yellow ticket stamp machine. Thanks for the info!