Saturday, May 28, 2022


Velorex was a company that produced a three-wheeled car in Czechoslovakia from the 1950s to 1971.

After WWII, the Czechoslovak auto industry couldn't keep up with demand so there were quotas and long waiting periods.

It was like a reverse tricycle, so two wheels in the front and one in the back.  The frame was welded steel tubing with vinyl stretched over the cage and attached with turn button fasteners and the whole thing basically ran on a motorcycle engine.

It had a maximum speed of 30 km/h (18,5 MPH) and in Czechland you only needed an A license which is a motorcycle license.  Since 2000, you need a B1 license but I heard that you can drive them at 17 instead of 18.

A little over 15.000 units per produced.  I don't know how much they cost but about half of them were exported to Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria and East Germany.

Veolorex has kind of a cult status and there are a few clubs throughout the country.  I've never seen one.  At least not yet.

Here's a television commercial which was filmed in 1961 but it never aired.

The 1981 Czech comedic film Vrchní, Prchni! featured the main character driving his Velorex and show how awkward the vehicle was.  Here are a few scenes that I found out on YouTube.

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