Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Lunch Date

After what seems like forever I finally got to meet up with Maida for lunch.  We used to work together in the same team and would see each other in the office two to three times a week before Covid shut down the world.  I took on a new role in a different team about a year ago and we never seemed to be in the office on the same day.  So it was great to finally catch up with her and find out everything that's been going on.

When I was lived in the USA I worked full-time from home.  When I moved to Brno I worked full-time in the office.  There are pros and cons to each but I really enjoy the flexibility of working from the office three or four days a week with one or two days at home, depending on what all I've got going on in a particular week.  Due to Covid restrictions, I usually come to the office just once a week now.  It's great getting to see some colleagues in person but most of my meetings are still remote because even if I'm in the office, most others aren't there the same day.  Hopefully this will start to change soon.

Like I said it was so much fun catching up with Maida today.  Next week I'm supposed to meet up for lunch with Michal and Andrew.    

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