Friday, November 26, 2021

Pre-Czechsgiving Preparations

Well it's going to be a white Thanksgiving tomorrow because today we had our first snow. I'm really forward to tomorrow's 13th annual Czechsgiving.  Especially since last year's dinner was done over Skype.

I picked up the turkey today.  This year's bird is 11,4 kg (25 lbs).  With this turkey, and everything else, we're going to have enough food to feed an army.  Which sounds about right because I'm expecting around 40 people through the day tomorrow.

Claudia and Tünde arrived from Friedrichshagen late this evening but I quickly put them both to work in the kitchen.  Claudia made her pumpkin soup which will slowly simmer overnight and Tünde became my little sous-chef helping me prep casseroles.

I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.  But now I need to try to get some sleep.  Tomorrow will be a long day and I need to get up in about five hours to prep the turkey and get it in the oven.

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