Tuesday, November 16, 2021

New Moravian Holocaust Documentation Centre

Brno is going to get a new Moravian Holocaust Documentation Centre. The governor of South Moravia approved the project for the centre to be built in Brno which will serve as a reminder of the Holocaust and promote Jewish culture among young people.  There has been a Jewish community in South Moravia since the 12th century.

The centre is to be built across of the Grand Hotel, near the main train station.  The facilities should include a conference and projection room, a gallery for temporary exhibitions, a library, and a children's educational centre.  There are some world-class architectural firms that are bidding for this project.

I have no idea of how much this is projected to cost but I'm sure it will be in the millions of Crowns.  An endowment fund was established back in February 2020.

The logo is based on the triangles used in Nazi concentration camps as badges to classify prisoners.  The triangle has been "smashed" into the shape of a dove as a symbol of freedom with the hope that this will never happen again.

I'm already looking forward to this centre and they haven't even picked an architect yet.

Update March 2022:  The name of the place has already been changed.  It is now going to be MEHRIN Moravian Jewish Museum.  "Mehrin" is the historical name for Moravia in Hebrew, מעהרין, and is also based on the German word for Moravia which is Mähren.  I'm still looking forward to the grand opening and the architect still hasn't been chosen.  I think it should be announced sometime in May or June 2022.

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