Thursday, September 30, 2021

Spaghetti Ice Cream

After surviving the movie about a horse and bad popcorn we ticked off another item on the list.  After dinner we went to the local ice cream shop in Friedrichshagen for spaghetti ice cream.

Spaghettieis is a thing in Germany.  It's vanilla ice cream pressed into the shape of noodles with strawberry sauce and grated white chocolate or nuts to mimic marinara sauce and parmesan cheese.

There's also a "carbonara" version for adults made with eierlikör (strong German eggnog type liqueur).

Overall pretty good.  I wonder why we don't have this in Czechland.

Here's a short video I found on YouTube that talks all about Spaghettieis.


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  1. Hey just wanted to know what happened like if you’re on break or something? Cause atleast on this site it’s been 8 months.