Wednesday, September 29, 2021

A Film About a Horse

One of the things on Tünde's to-do list was to go to the local theatre and see Ostwind.  It's a movie about a girl and a horse.  It's actually the fifth and final film in a series but fortunately I didn't need to see the first four films to catch on to the story.  A film about a girl and a horse.  Oh the things I do for my goddaughter. 

While not really caring a whole lot about the film we would see I was more excited to get some popcorn.  I ordered popcorn with butter and salt and the woman at the concession stand looked at me like I had three eyeballs.  Apparently in Germany, you can't get popcorn with butter and salt.  Here popcorn is only sweet.  It's not like kettle corn.  It's just sweet.  Yuck! I was not a fan.  At least Claudia and Tünde didn't have to worry about me eating all of the popcorn.

I found the movie trailer on YouTube for those of you interested in what the film was like.

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