Monday, November 30, 2020

Exams Postponed Again

I finally got the news today that my Czech citizenship and language exams, that I was supposed to take on Saturday, have been postponed again due to the new state of emergency getting extended.  I had a feeling that this would happen but it wasn't made official until this morning. 

I've already waited an extra seven months since they were postponed the first time.

The new tests are supposed to take place maybe in January or February 2021.  I don't think that's going to happen.  In January there will be another surge following Christmas and New Year's so maybe late February at the earliest.

I was told that priority will be given to those who have had their exams postponed.  I better get extra priority since my exams have been postponed twice.

I paid for the exams back in November 2019.  I was told that if I want I can get a refund.  However, a refund will cause me to forfeit my priority whenever the exams are actually offered.  Also, next year the cost of the exams will increase so I declined the refund option.

Update:  My new exam date is 10.4.2021.

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