Sunday, June 30, 2019

10th Year in Czechland Party

Tomorrow is officially my 10th anniversary here but yesterday was the Decade in Czechland fiesta / early birthday party.  There were over 50 people and it was a lot of fun with people coming from Prague, Berlin, Bratislava and the Canary Islands for the festivities.

The biggest challenge was finding a suitable venue for the number of people, reachable via public transportation, and somewhat kid friendly.  It took a while to find the right place because most places are booked out for weddings.  Fortunately, one of my mates recommended Žebětínský dvůr.

It turned out to be the perfect place.  Plus they have hotel rooms for the people who travelled.  The hotel took care of the catering and there was so much great food.  The room was adjacent to a patio so people got to hang outside and there was even a pool which the kids enjoyed given that it has been so hot lately.

I got both the English and Czech Happy Birthday songs.  It was interesting to hear people sing out all three versions of my name - Christopher (my preferred name). CJ (my preferred short name), and Chris (the short name my family and closest friends use).

Now that I've been here a decade I'm officially "Czech Lite."  I guess until I hopefully get Czech citizenship next year.  I came to Brno with the intention of being here for only two, maybe three, years and then I was supposed to go back to Atlanta.  Instead tomorrow will be my official ten years in Czech Republic and it's been seven years since I even visited the ATL.

I told everyone "no gifts" but people don't listen.  It looks like I'll be making some trips to Prague because I received tickets to a couple of different performances at the National Theatre.  I have to say though I absolutely love the Czech hockey jersey with the captain's C on the chest and my name on the back.

Now that I'm almost Czech, maybe even Moravian, it was decided that I need to be like all Czechs and have a bicycle.  I was absolutely gobsmacked when it was rolled out.  I'm completely humbled to have such good friends in my life.

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