Wednesday, April 17, 2019

100 Years of Greater Brno

King Václav I gave Brno city status back in the 13th century.

Next week marks 100 years of "Greater Brno."  On 23 April 2019 the National Assembly Act Number 213/1919 went in to effect.  This act allowed the city of Brno to absorb 21 surrounding villages and two local towns.  This made Brno seven times larger and doubled its population to about 130,000 people.

The villages and towns benefited by getting connected to Brno's public transit and sewer systems.  It also gave Brno a Czech majority population instead of the Czech and German mix that existed before.  Over time the villages and towns became the city's current 29 city districts.  The English language translations of some of the district names still crack me up.

Today Brno is home to 380,000 people.  It is the the largest in Moravia and the second-largest city Czechland.

There will be a number of events going on to commemorate the occasion.  From 23.4., a commemorative marble will drop from the clock at 11 am for 100 days.

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