Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Street Numbers

In Czechland, and Slovakia, all addresses have two sets of street numbers.  It was a bit confusing when I first moved here but I eventually figured it out.

The číslo orientační (reference number) is displayed on a black plate (in Moravia), along with the district/neighbourhood name.  This is the number used by the land registry office.  In Prague the plates are blue.

The číslo popisné (descriptive number) is displayed in red on a white plate, along with the actual street name.

In Europe your address is written as street name followed by house number.  In the USA it is the opposite.  Street number followed by street name.

Your official address is written as street name reference number / descriptive number.  For example,  this one would be written as "Sokolská 360/12".  But your mail will get delivered if it only says "Sokolská 12".

Most of the time you only ever need the descriptive number.  When you order a taxi or have groceries delivered you only give the "red descriptive number".

I've only had to give the full address with both numbers a few times when I've dealt with some government offices.

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