Thursday, February 15, 2018

Add 1 Challenge Day 30 Video

So I'm still doing pretty well with my Add 1 Challenge.  I've exceeded my target of studying Czech at least 45 minutes a day, five days per week.  In the past 30 days, I gave myself one day off.  I did at least 45 minutes for 29 days.  That's great for me.

Here's my required 30 day video.  This is only my second video ever.  The video is a bit rough but you get the point.  I really need to learn how to add English subtitles at the bottom of the video but that's just something else to learn now.

In the past 30 days we had to complete our first mini-challenge which was to find three new people to speak your target language with, for at least 30 minutes, on italki.  I had never used italki before but I really like it.  So far, I've done four video sessions.

I've also played around with using memrise a bit to practice vocabulary.

Besides using my text book, I'm using CzechClass101 and I've started reading a few Czech fairy tales.  I rewatched Kolja and Pelíšký without any English subtitles.

Let's see what the second mini-challenge will be.  Maybe I can figure out how to add English subtitles to my 60 day video.

Update:  No day 60 video.

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