Friday, August 25, 2017

Back in the USA, Again

This past week I've been in New York for work.  I haven't been to the USA in five years.  Now all of a sudden, I've been here three times in two months.  At least I continue to rack up the airline miles.

The flight over began a bit rough.  The BA flight from Vienna to Heathrow was delayed so I had to change terminals and rush through security.  I was seriously worried that I would miss my connecting flight to JFK.

Thanks BA for the upgrade!
Fortunately they had not begun to board the flight and British Airways gave me an upgrade to premium economy.  I love having bronze status!

Me & Dušan at IBM HQ
I was supposed to be in Manchester tonight for their pride weekend.  

Due to this last minute trip that's changed and I'll fly tonight from JFK to Manchester so I should get there by 7 am tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be my first try at using the UK immigration line as a registered traveller.

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