Monday, August 7, 2017

10-Z Nuclear Shelter

During WWII, the Nazis established a bunker under Špilberk Castle as an air-raid shelter from American and Soviet bombing runs.  In 1946, it was used as a wholesale wine store.  Two days after the 1948 communist coup the government confiscated the bunker.

By 1959, it was one of the most secret nuclear fallout shelters.  It was designed to shelter up to 500 people for three days.  The shelter would have only provided shelter the most important communist party members.

The Czech military had control of the shelter until 1993 during which time it was still classified a top secret installation.

In 2016, the facility was opened to the public.  There's a tour available that focuses on the shelter's various technical aspects like the diesel unit, filter room and telephone exchange.

The shelter even operates as a hostel.  A single economy room, with shared bathroom facilities, and a continental breakfast will run 895 Kč (~$40) on  It seems a bit pricey to me but where else can one spend the night in an old, formerly top secret, nuclear shelter?

The tour was quite interesting.

There's a retro café that I need to check out sometime.

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