Saturday, April 29, 2017

Tünde's 4th Birthday

It's hard to believe that Tünde turned four years old this week.  So today's adventure was her birthday party at Jump Park - the first trampoline park in central Europe.

Jump Park is actually a lot of fun.  There are trampolines connected to one another from wall to wall.  There's even a back area where you can jump or flip in to a foam pit.  It's quite the workout and it sure does take a lot of energy to keep up with a group of kids who all want to play.

We got there a little early so Tünde got to have a few minutes running around by herself before everyone else arrived.

Instead of a birthday cake we went to Cupcakekárna and picked up an assortment of cup cakes for everyone.  They were a big hit.
I should look at having a team building at Jump Park although probably without the cup cakes.

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