Monday, March 6, 2017

Liz & James Visit

Liz and James came to visit Brno on Sunday.  They were in Bratislava for a few days and took the bus over Sunday morning and left today.  I hadn't seen them since July at Eiko & Tommi's wedding in Helsinki.

It was so good to see them!  We did all of the normal touristy highlights such as the castle and walk through the centre.  What's funny is that they probably saw more of the city this time then they ever have before.  When they've been here for Thanksgiving there's usually not much time to see anything other than the Christmas market.

It was great catching up with them and they had lots to share as they are expecting their first child in June.  So excited for them.

Update:  They had a little girl - Poppy Grace.  And she's beautiful.  I can't wait to get to England to see her.

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