Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Day Trip to Tangier, Morocco

From the small port of Tarifa, which is the southernmost tip of Spain, it's only a 35 minute ferry to Tangier, Morocco which makes it a popular day trip from Málaga.

Tangierطنجة, is in northwest Morocco where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea.  It's home to over 948,000 people and is the country's fourth largest city.

Carthaginian colonists established Tangier in the 5th century BC.  It was later ruled by the Greeks, Romans, Vandals, and the Byzantine Empire.

Tangier was ruled by Portugal from 1471 to 1662 when it was given to King Charles II of England as part of a dowry.

In 1923, Tangier was made an international zone.  In 1952, the zone was abolished and in 1956 it became part of Morocco.

The city is a mixture of colonial and Arabic styles.

Our tour bus took us around different parts of the city.  One of our first stops was for the €2 camel ride.  Pretty touristy but I had to do it.

We also had stops at the souk where vendors sold anything you could possible think of.

The Sidi Boy Abib Mosque was built in 1917 and is near the centre by the souk.

The Kasbah was used historically as a defence station.

After a really delicious lunch it was off to see more of the souk with stops at a carpet shop and a spice shop.

Mohammed V Mosque

Overall it was a good day.  I feel like we got a quick feel for the city which was fine.  While I still want to go to Casablanca, Fez, and Marrakesh, I feel like I saw enough of Tangier that I can cross it off my list.

Here's a Rick Steves video I found out on YouTube about the city.

©Rick Steves

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