Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Customs Inspection

Here's another first.  On the train today, while on my way back from Wrocław, I had to be checked by Czech customs police.  It was quite odd.

The Polish train I was on ended in Lichov in Czechland.  The connecting train onward was to arrive about 20 minutes later.  While waiting I was approached by two Czech police officers who wanted to inspect my bags.  They asked me how much alcohol, cigarettes, and medicine I brought back from Poland.  Again, odd because I thought there was supposed to be free movement of goods in the EU.  I've been through random Schengen ID checks before but never for goods.

I was cleared in only a few minutes.  They were satisfied with the gift bag I had containing one bottle of Żubrówka.  The police were more fascinated with my ID card because it says I was born in California.

They must have been looking for something specific.  There were a couple of Czech girls having the contents of their bags searched quite thoroughly and they never made it on to the next train.

1 comment:

  1. Really odd.
    But when they ask for medicine, must by for flu drugs in Poland selling without limits, and making crystal meth by famous czech experts.