Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Bad Polish Dubbing

One thing that always catches me by surprise in Poland is just how bad their television dubbing is.  I'm here for work for a couple of days and decided to take it easy.  An early night at the hotel, finish some e-mails, and try to find something on the tele.

Polish dubbing sucks!  To be honest it's not dubbing.  It's voice-over translation.  The translation is spoken over the actual person speaking.  I can understand doing this during a short news broadcast.  But for an entire movie?

It's frustrating because I can just barely hear the original English version as the Polish voice over starts.  And it's usually the same voice speaking for everyone so you can't differentiate characters, even between male and female voices.  It's the same translation for everyone.

I don't understand why they do this.  In Czechland, one of two options occur.  Either the show is properly dubbed or the original is used with subtitles.  Either of these two options are better for learning a language.  The exception though is for children's cartoons - those are always only in Czech.

This Polish voiceover thing is just madness.  At least to me.  Here's an example that I found out on YouTube.  Try to watch this scene from Notting Hill between Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant and see if it makes any sense.

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