Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Earthquake

On Monday morning, at 00:22, there was a massive earthquake in New Zealand.  It was a huge 7,8 magnitude quake on the south island but we felt it in Wellington.

There were actually two quakes, one right after the other, and they lasted for almost two minutes.  It definitely woke us up.

There have been lots of aftershocks.  Lots!  Well over +400 of them.  But some of them have been over 5,5 which isn't an aftershock.  Those are actual earthquakes!  I can now say that I've experienced more earthquakes in my life, in New Zealand, and I grew up in California.

There was a Tsunami warning and many people experienced power outages.  There's a lot of broken glass in the Central Business District and areas have been roped off by the authorities.

We were very lucky to be staying with Nat's parents who took such great care of us.  They've been very sweet; apologising that the earthquake impacted our Wellington sightseeing.  Honestly, we feel like we got the full New Zealand earthquake experience.  Here's a BBC newscast that I found out on YouTube.  


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