Sunday, June 12, 2016

Jošt Moravský

Jošt Moravský, Jobst of Moravia, was born in Brno in 1354.  He was the nephew of Charles IV.  He became the Margrave of Moravia in 1375.  In 1388 he became the Elector of Brandenburg and the Duke of Luxembourg.  In 1410 he was elected the King of Germany (King of the Romans) until his death in 1411.  Talk about a local chap that made it big.

Jošt is buried in St. Tomáš Church at Moravské náměstí.  In 2015 a statue of him on horseback, sculpted by Jiří Kašpar, was unveiled near the church.  The horse has very long legs and some locals refer to it as The Giraffe.

The statue is a favourite photo spot.  The sculptor was a little cheeky because there's something unexpected seen when you stand under the statue and look up at the horse's mouth.

A selfie of Cristin and I 
My friend Cristin was visiting this weekend from Wrocław so of course we needed to go take a selfie.

Someday I'll be looking back at this photo and I really hope that this is just us standing under a horse's jaw.

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