Friday, June 17, 2016

Brno vs Prague and Bratislava

There are a number of reasons why I enjoy living in Brno.  Coming from Atlanta, a city of over 5 million people, makes Brno seem like a small town and that's fine by me.  I find Brno to be the perfect size.  It's a big enough city that there is always something going on but small enough to enjoy the local feel of the place.

I'm going on seven years here and, from the beginning, I've always preferred Brno to both Prague and Bratislava.  For one thing I find the cost of living to be lower here.  Here's a random flyer I found from, a recruitment company, where it highlights a few of the cost and quality of living statistics between the three cities.

I usually spend two to four days in Bratislava each month so I'm pretty familiar with the city and I find it to be more expensive than Brno.  It's interesting to look at this table to see that it is also more expensive than Prague which is three times the size.  It may be because Slovakia is on the Euro.

The cost of rent and pubic transportation are lowest in Brno and most expensive in Bratislava.  Going out for dinner and beer is cheapest in Brno.  Now, to be fair salaries are lower here on average compared to the other cities.  But Brno's crime and safety indices are better too.

No, I'm not trying to bash Prague or Bratislava.  I love going to Prague.  It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  And after dealing with so many tourists I normally can't wait to get back home to Brno.


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