Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Possible Carpal Tunnel

So back in September I sprained my wrist a bit in a tragic drunk potato sack race.  I figured a bit of ice and some rest and everything would be fine.  Well it hasn't really gotten any better.  In fact, depending on what I'm doing it freakin' hurts like hell.  Still.

Well I figured enough time has gone by that it's time to go see the doctor.  I called on Monday and got an appointment with my GP for first thing this morning.  I saw the doctor and she referred me to the local trauma hospital for some x-rays.  The good news is that I didn't break anything.  The ER doctor wrapped up my hand and said that it's most likely Carpal Tunnel.

The last time I really dealt with the doctor there was this 30 Kč ($1.25) deductible and I needed to buy a ticket.  I looked for the machine but couldn't find it.  Apparently the government did away with that a couple of years ago.  Cool.

I was given a choice.  I could go deal with a Czech speaking neurologist to get tested for Carpal Tunnel.  Or there is an English speaking neurologist who visits my GP's office once every two weeks.  I've opted to hold out two weeks to meet with the English speaking doctor.

So bottom line is that today I saw my primary care physician, went to the emergency room, had x-rays, and got wrapped up by the ER doctor.  I also have an appointment with an English speaking neurologist in a couple of weeks.  And it did not cost me a single penny.  You've got to love socialised health care!!

Update:  Turns out it wasn't carpal tunnel.  Just some soft tissue damage from that damn potato sack race.

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