Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Time to Move On

Looks like I will be moving.  My landlords asked for a meeting so they come over this evening and dropped a bomb on me.  They let me know that although I have been a great tenant for the past six years, they were sorry to inform me that they would not be able to renew my lease next year.

This flat is the only place I've had in Brno.  I've been here for the last six years.  When I moved in, back in 2009, their oldest son was in high school.  Well now he has finished university and needs a place to live.

My landlords have been great.  I've never had any difficulty with them.  They've never even raised the rent.  They were quite apologetic and I believe that they've appreciated having me as a tenant.  Under Czech law, unless mutually agreed to by both the landlord and tenant, a three month notice is required.  My current lease expires at the end of March so I now have four months to move.

Truth be told, I kind of had a gut feeling that this would be coming sometime soon.  The downside is that I've been spoiled and now need to try to find a new flat.  I doubt that I'll find a place with the same view.  So it looks like this Saturday will be the last Czechsgiving at Sokolská. 

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