Thursday, May 7, 2015

UK Outlets

I wrote before about the different electrical plugs used over here in Euroland.  I've learned a bit more since then so here's the update.

In the UK and Ireland, they use the three prong plug.  The thing to note is that all of the outlets have an on/off toggle.  The switch is a safety feature.  Just remember to check the switch otherwise you'll get a surprise when you discover that mobile phone hasn't been charged.

The British Isles seem to take electrical safety quite seriously.  In addition to the safety switch thing, there are no electrical sockets in the bathroom.  So you need to go in to another room if you want to use a hair dryer.  Although there are (5 amps maximum) sockets for electric razors.

In Czechland the washing machine is usually in the bathroom.  Since there are no electrical sockets in the bathrooms on the islands, the washing machine usually ends up in the kitchen.

The UK/Irish building codes also mandate that all of the bathroom light switches are outside of the bathroom, or in the ceiling with a pull string.  No one wants to risk an electric shock.  Perhaps it's because over here the electric current is 240 volts which will kill you way more quicker than the 120 volts we have in the USA.

Update:  Cyprus has the UK outlets with toggle switches too.

Update:  SingaporeHong Kong and Macau have the UK sockets and toggle switches as well.

Update:  New Zealand has the toggle switches too,  Maybe the whole world except North America has them?

Update:  South Africa has the on/off toggle too.

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