Saturday, May 30, 2015

2015 Global Peace Index

The 2015 Global Peace Index results are in.  Europe remained the world's most peaceful geographical region.  No real surprise there as 15 of the top 20 countries are in Europe.

Iceland remained the most peaceful country in the world.

Both Czechland and the USA improved from last year's results.  Czech Republic moved up to 10th place (the 6th most peaceful country in Europe).

The USA moved up to 94th place.  Not the best of scores but it's an improvement.

Here are the top 20 countries.
1.  Iceland
2.  Denmark
3.  Austria
6.  Finland
7.  Canada
8.  Japan
9.  Australia
10.  Czech Republic 
11.  Portugal
12.  Ireland
13.  Sweden
14.  Belgium
15.  Slovenia
16.  Germany
17.  Norway
18.  Bhutan
19.  Poland
20.  Netherlands

Update:  The 2016 results.

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