Thursday, October 9, 2014

New €10 Banknote

Circulation of the new €10 banknote began on 23 September.  The new €5 banknote launched last year so I assume that the new €20 banknote will be released in 2015.

Like the fiver, the new tenner also has some new security features built in to the banknote.

Front side

Here's a comparison of the new and old banknotes.

The new version is on top and the old version is on the bottom.

Back side

The old banknotes used to have "EURO" and "ΕΥΡΩ" on them since all of the Eurozone countries used either the Latin or Greek script.  Although Bulgaria has yet to adopt the Euro it will eventually have to since the country has joined the European Union.  So now all of the new banknotes include the Cyrillic "EBPO".

Here's a commercial I found on YouTube about the new banknotes.

  ©European Central Bank

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