Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I survived!

I survived!  Some people had no idea how I was going to survive my family's first visit to Europe.  And for five weeks no less.  Well it really wasn't that difficult.  But it was a good thing, after a few weeks, to send them off to Budapest alone so that everyone could take a breather.

I left my family in Vienna and I came back to Brno today.  Tomorrow they are headed to Munich for a week and then they return to Prague to catch their flight back to the USA.  My flat now seems really empty and quiet now.

It was a great to have my family come visit.  I still can't believe that the last five weeks went by so quickly.  They finally got to see where I live and to meet some of my friends whom they've heard so much about over the years.  My dad even said that he now understands why I live in Europe.  Now to get them back for another visit in a couple of years.  Next time we may hit northern Poland, Scandinavia and Ireland.  But before that I'll need to go visit the USA first, perhaps in 2016 or 2017.

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