Sunday, September 30, 2012


In-N-Out is a California institution.  It is home to the best burgers in the world!!  Everything is fresh.  Nothing is ever frozen.

It started in Baldwin Park in 1948.

In-N-Out is actually a privately-owned business.  The major burger chains like McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's Carl's Jr., have been trying to buy them out for years. 

Today, the company's headquarters are in Irvine and there are more than 200 restaurants in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Texas.

 The "official" menu at In-N-Out is pretty basic...hamburger, cheeseburger, double-double (2 patties & 2 pieces of cheese), fries, drinks.  That's it.

But it's the "secret" menu that is so popular.  Well, it's not really Top Secret because most people know about the most popular secret items.  My favorite thing at In-N-Out is the double-double "animal style".

Here's the not-so-secret menu...

Double Meat = a double hamburger
3 x 3 = burger with 3 patties and 3 pieces of cheese
4 x 4 = burger with 4 patties and 4 pieces of cheese
Grilled Cheese = the same as a cheeseburger but without the meat
Veggie Burger = a sandwich without the meat or cheese
Protein Style = there is no bun.  Your burger is wrapped in leaf lettuce
Mustard Fried = patty is coated with mustard and then fried
Animal Style = your meat is fried with mustard, and the burger has pickles, grilled onions and extra spread (similar to 1,000 island dressing)
Flying Dutchman = 2 patties with 2 pieces of cheese melted between them; no bun, lettuce or tomatoes
Chopped Chilies = yellow chilies are added to the bottom of the burger
Animal Fries
Extra toast = the toasted bun is toasted a bit longer

Fries Light = the french fries are not cooked as long
Fries Well = the french fries are cooked longer so they are crispy
Cheese Fries = cheese is melted on the french fries
Animal Fries = cheese is melted on the fries, then covered with spread and grilled onions

Root Beer Float = half vanilla shake and half root beer
Black & White Shake -  half chocolate, half vanilla milkshake
Neapolitan Shake - combination chocolate, vanilla and strawberry shake
Tea-Aid = half iced tea, half lemonade
Lemon-Up = half lemonade, half Sprite or 7-up

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